AllSpark Chain’s Strategic Cooperation with QF Capital and BUMO

2018-11-21 16:49 BACK

Recently AllSpark Chain has received the strategic investment from QiFu Venture Capital which is a domestically well-known investment institution, and AllSpark has reached an agreement on strategic cooperation with the reputable project BUMO providing strong support for the blockchain technology which enables both parties to be committed to setting up a good-quality content trading platform. In the future both parties will give full play to their respective advantages and jointly promote the application of blockchain technology in the content field.

Mr. Kai Gu, the founding partner of QF Capital, and Mr. Sicheng Li and Mr. Qiang Guo, co-founders of BUMO, have attached great importance to the cooperation between AllSpark Chain and BUMO. This cooperation aims at establishing a pricing mechanism for content and impact whose efficient resolutions would be impossible to be given out in the era of social media. This mechanism consists of a distributed market for content creation, dissemination and transaction, and a distributed content evaluation mechanism, so as to establish a mechanism for positive content dissemination and monetization in the era of social media.

It is of substantial significance for AllSpark Chain to cooperate with BUMO in the revolutionary innovation in the content field. As the top blockchain project in China, BUMO focuses on the innovation of blockchain technology and products, with multi-centered trust as its core, committed to creating an open value distribution network to allow digital assets to flow freely. At the moment, BUMO has developed an expandable and high-performance blockchain basic service platform, with the ability of quickly building upper-layer application services and meeting the needs for tens of millions of users. It has now been widely used in trade finance, equity, supply-chain traceability, supply-chain finance, banking and other fields.

As the distinguished experts in the industry, the AllSpark’s founders team have plenty of experience and resources in the field of digital media. In the “network traffic-focused” era, the brand new path for development will be found out through their win-win cooperation, bringing about the dramatic changes.

The 1st DApp of AllSpark Chain – Dandelion E-Commerce Platform

The Dandelion platform is a blockchain technology based e-commerce platform developed by AllSpark’s strategic partners. It is not only based on the most popular social marketing fission-spreading mode to disseminate the current mainstream social software, but also using the blockchain technology on its bottom layer to protect users’ privacy, content’s intellectual property etc. As the first DApp of AllSpark, Dandelion’s core principle is to use the content sharing mechanism and value, and to solve the problems in the current advertising ecology.

Since the launch of the Dandelion platform, the number of monthly active users has reached more than 500,000, the daily average PV number has reached more than 1 million, and the registered outstanding brand merchants have reached more than 2,000. The platform is so popular that the total revenue of the platform is also growing every day.

Furthermore, the products on Dandelion platform also develop very rapidly. At present, the platform’s WeChat mini program has been completed while the PC version has been released too. For the next step, the team will officially release Dandelion’s Baidu applet and App. By December, the version for 5 major platforms (H5 page, WeChat mini program, Baidu applet, mobile APP, PC) will have been synchronized. A separate DApp version will be available soon too.

Surely enough. When you read this article, many people have already done much shopping on this platform, and even more friends have earned money by simply sharing the info on Dandelion platform! Don’t be hesitated to come on to join the Dandelion and start your journey for shopping and earning!


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