AllSpark Chain Invited to Present at Blockchain Project Introduction & Investor Happy Hour Event

2018-07-27 17:37 BACK

SHANGHAI, China—AllSpark was invited to the 3rd Blockchain Project Introduction & Investor Happy Hour Event on Thursday, July 26th. Tom Sun, General manager of AllSpark’s East China team, gave a speech to investors and blockchain professionals.

Tom mentioned that in the Internet era, everyone is We-media and everyone is capable of drawing an audience. However, despite the massive amounts of traffic the average person provides for advertisers, there are no rewards offered. This is precisely the predicament We-media are facing: benefits for providing traffic cannot be realized. That’s why AllSpark is working to radically re-shape the landscape of digital media and marketing by building a complete blockchain ecology that facilitates income sharing for everyone involved. Through its platform, AllSpark enables all information to form and establish valuable contacts, guarantees the safety and validity of each process via the blockchain, protects copyright holders, and creates real financial incentive for those who distribute what they love.

Tom also focused on AllSpark Token, which is the original token of AllSpark . In AllSpark’s ecology, ASK is a vital and indispensable symbol of accounting, which can be used to pay for CPS fees, Dapp nodes deposits, goods, advertisers’ deposits and transaction fees. Meanwhile, ASK will also circulate the Dandelion platform developed by our company. With the increasing demand for ASK in the platform and the decreasing total circulation of ASK in the whole ecosystem, the value of ASK will keep rising.

Many people attended this party

Mr. Sun presented the AllSpark project on stage

Finally, Tom emphasized the extensive resources and elite team members behind the curtain of AllSpark’s ambitious project. Introducing the founders of AllSpark, he expressed the team’s rich experience and resources in the field of digital media.

The audience actively asked questions to Tom during a Q&A session

After the presentation, many investors and professionals who were interested in AllSpark’s public chain reached out to Tom and other AllSpark team members to enquire about the project’s goals and achievements, as well as investment opportunities.

At present, blockchain technology is regarded as the core technology of the next generation. It transformed the Internet from a platform that delivers information to a platform that delivers value. AllSpark seeks to perfectly integrate blockchain technology into the increasingly digitized world of content sharing, media and advertising. Through AllSpark’s ecological public industry chain, we will soon experience a surge in creativity and productivity that the world has never seen.


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