AllSpark’s Asia Tour a Huge Success

2018-07-18 14:45 BACK

July 2018—AllSpark chain, a partner of Wanchain, is featured in Wanchain’s Asia road show in Indonesia, Malaysia and Korea.

On July 5th, the AllSpark team was in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, to present to investors, enthusiasts and strategic partners.

AllSpark and Wanchain alongside global partners, including THA, Portal Network, Litex, Tokenloan and Bitrue.

Mr. Kevin Cook, CMO of AllSpark, shares the value and significance of the project

On July 7th, Kuala Lumpur welcomed the AllSpark team with open arms. The hall of the Royale Chulan Hotel was packed with more than 200 attendees who were curious to learn the specs of AllSpark’s revolutionary new blockchain ecology.

Kevin Cook presented the AllSpark Project on Stage

After the speech, many interested investors and partners met with members of AllSpark team to discuss cooperation. Those in attendance received AllSpark with warmth and curiosity.

Tom Sun, General manager of AllSpark’s East China team, interprets the project for numerous guests。

July 14th marks the third and final stage of AllSpark’s Asia road show, where enthusiasts and investors in Seoul, South Korea got to meet the team and learn about the AllSpark platform.

Kevin introduces the project to a potential business partner.

AllSpark’s participating team members smile for the camera as photographers snap pictures of Wanchain and its family of strategic partners. Together, we’re going to usher in the new digital economy by laying a revolutionary blockchain-based foundation!

During the Asia roadshow, the AllSpark project team shared new ideas on how to change the creation, delivery and value of information in today’s world. As a result, many participants developed a strong interest for AllSpark in the future, and the AllSpark team developed a more comprehensive and accurate understanding of the blockchain market throughout Asia.

AllSpark’s new ecological public chain lays the foundation for industry-specific DApps that cater to the content creation and content sharing industries. The world of digital media will soon undergo a revolution, and AllSpark will be there to facilitate it.


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