AllSpark—A New Blockchain Ecology for Content Creators, Advertisers and Social Media Users—Releases its White Paper

2018-05-25 17:59 BACK

AllSpark launches a brand-new ecology designed to merge the worlds of content creation, digital media and marketing using blockchain technology.

Using blockchain to bring in a new era of connectivity

Despite leaps in the quality of Internet technology, most content creators and communicators in the age of social media can’t obtain deserving benefits. All the while, the cost of advertiser marketing is getting higher and higher.

To remedy the problems faced by today’s digital media industry, AllSpark will introduce a non-profit industry chain based on Wanchain’s code. It will have transaction privacy protection and Ethereum smart contract features already implemented by Wanchain, all while utilizing an improved DPOS principle.

What differentiates AllSpark from other industry-related blockchains is its ability to form a perfectly reciprocal relationship between advertisers, content creators and self-media. A portion of the dividends generated by each transaction on the chain is allotted to each party in the production relationship, according to the specific terms laid out in the smart contract.

The Foundation of the AllSpark chain will initially create a series of general smart contract templates for user convenience. As the AllSpark ecosystem develops, professional DApps will provide related templates from which they can profit, thus creating an environment where the utility and complexity of smart contracts will steadily increase.

Regarding storing various content, AllSpark introduces an IPFS distributed storage contract. Users will feel comfortable storing their content on local servers, cloud servers, or third-party DApp servers because of a decentralized storage mechanism that will protect the copyrights of content creators. In addition, smart contracts, similar to Ethereum/Wanchain, can support content creators, distribution channels, advisors, or content consumers to handle confirmation of interest and forced distribution on the AllSpark chain, thus protecting the interests of all parties involved.

To ensure that AllSpark is in compliance with various countries’ regulations, the AI ??provided at the initial stage will be used to monitor all incoming contents. That way, the AllSpark platform is in full compliance with laws related to reviewing and controlling open content around the world.

Fully empowering individual creativity and communication

The operating principle of AllSpark is to enable the supply-and-demand relationship between content and information to form a stable connection with value, ensuring the safety and validity of all steps along the blockchain.

Smart and effective use of advertisers’ money

The traditionally trustless relationship between advertisers and publishers presents a perfect opportunity for blockchain to intervene. Monitoring ROI will be fully transparent; measuring the successes and failures of a campaign will be much simpler.

Regarding DApps

In the early stage of network development, AllSpark will provide a universal DApp that supports standard functions, including wallet functions, content upload functions, content evaluation functions, transaction settlement, and data query functions. With the development of the ecology, AllSpark encourages and invites more ecological stakeholders to provide users with more personalized DApps.

An elite team integrates global media resources

AllSpark’s core team has rich experience in global digital media operations, working as an agent of platforms like Baidu, Tencent, Google, and Facebook in China. AllSpark works closely with more than 90 thousand self- media and publishes 7 thousand pieces of content on various platforms daily. AllSpark also boasts an elite team of experts and consultants from companies like Twitter, Microsoft, Citrix, iQiyi, and more.

Due to its exceptional advantages, AllSpark has obtained the favor of many cornerstone investors including WANFund (a Wanchain investment fund), Leading Capital and Lianmeng Investment Group.


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