AllSpark Beijing Project Private Sharing Conference:? New Ecological Chain About to Change Information Transfer Mode and Value of Human Beings

2018-05-11 17:57 BACK

On May 11, 2018, AllSpark held its first project private sharing conference in Beijing, looking to stand strong on the basis of bottom-level blockchain technology and create a new ecology for creating and disseminating information.

At this event, Yuan Jing, Co-founder of AllSpark, shared the value inherent in the logic, plan, and target of the AllSpark chain—Taking the first batch of seed users and seed resources as its foundation, driving more users, promoting AllSpark projects across the globe to attract more servers for corporations, enabling them to develop and explore AllSpark. This allows everyone to publish content, disseminate information, share resources, and create value on the ecosystem.

The target of AllSpark’s first-phase is to let the written, shot, and shared contents of everyone create valus and utilize the authentic rights of blockchain to ensure the particular value generated by each link.

In the future, AllSpark will realize a brand-new ecosystem of communication mechanisms and information dissemination, and thus radically change the existing forms of communication, information acquisition, and ability of everyone to deliver value.

About AllSpark

AllSpark is working to shape the total ecology chain by integrating cultural and creative, media, and marketing industries, thus thoroughly energizing the knowledge economy and facilitating income sharing. AllSpark operates on the principle of enabling all information supply-demand relations to form and establish valuable contacts, guarantee the safety and validity of each process via blockchain technique, protect copyright holder, and bring more benefits from information dissemination.

Under current media trends, AllSpark will play a leading role in promoting self-created media to create real value, maximize the distribution value of all involved, and enable equal rights in information acquisition.

Moreover, what AllSpark will change is not limited to content creation and distribution, it will shape conventional production relationships and patterns in many industries—distribution according to one’s needs. It, as each sector needs, will also energize individuals, search for more value, and realize targeted distribution.


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