AllSpark Shanghai Project Private Sharing Conference: Creating Information, Transferring Values

2018-05-19 18:00 BACK

The success of the AllSpark Beijing Project Private Sharing Conference has earned the attention and applause from industry insiders. In response to their urgent requests, AllSpark held the second project private sharing conference at its headquarters in Shanghai and demonstrated the advanced and core values of the AllSpark platform and the blockchain-technology-based solutions to information creation, dissemination, and advertising in the current media environment.

During the event, Mr. Yuan Jing, Co-founder of AllSpark; Mr. Kevin Cook, Chief Marketing Officer; and Mr. Yang Tao, Vice Director of Wanglu Tech, respectively elaborated on the project.

According to them, AllSpark is the first project and the ecological public chain perfectly integrating content creation, distribution, and realization.

The public openly welcomed the event, and the number of participants was double that expected, demonstrating that AllSpark has a lot of buzz surrounding it.

Mr. Li Ni, the sophisticated practitioner of blockchain, summarized the AllSpark chain as:

? Project: Basic public chain+content creation+content realization

? Strategic positioning: Compared with Steem, which has succeeded before, AllSpark has a larger target and higher positioning.

??Innovation: The project has several major innovative items, which are centered on the blockchain.

? Team: The team members are mainly from the advertising field, media, and promotional platforms, all enjoying rich resources. As the white paper reports, the traditional business has obtained great success.

? Community Management: The financed amount and the token appreciation logic are both reasonable, the disclosed budget is specific, and the lock-up and liner release of the token over ten years reflect group’s confidence.

? Risk: AllSpark is facing low policy risk, low team flight risk, low contract duty performance risk, middle competition risk, and middle technical difficulty realization risk.

At present, the blockchain technique is leading the direction of social development and reform, and the new science and technology are accumulating momentum for revolution. Human beings create science and technology and are continually being shaped by it. AllSpark has perfectly integrated S&T into the increasingly smarter life and life of sharing. It has endowed more possibilities in the future to the complete, innovative, continuous, and controllable ecological public chain.



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